Plan Documents

Thank you for choosing American Health Advantage of Oklahoma!  Making good coverage decisions requires time and having the right information to make an informed decision.  We have provided the information below to assist you in this process.

Enrollment and Plan Information

As you plan to enroll, please review the documents below.
Enrollment Request Form
Attestation of Eligibility for an Enrollment Period
Pre-Enrollment Checklist
Annual Notice of Change
Summary of Benefits
Evidence of Coverage
Provider Directory

Prescription Drug Benefit Information

Informed decisions should include proper research of your current medications and how the plan will cover those medications.  Please review the documents below for that information.
Comprehensive Formulary (Updated 9/9/2019)
Formulary Search
Formulary Changes (Updated 9/9/2019)
Prior Authorization (Updated 9/9/2019)
Step Therapy (Updated 9/9/2019)
Quantity Limit (Updated 9/9/2019)
Pharmacy Directory (Updated 9/9/2019)

Other Helpful Documents

LIS Premium Summary Chart
LIS Rider 1
LIS Rider 2
LIS Rider 3
LIS Rider 4
2019 Star Ratings Document
Multi-Language Insert